Sunday Circuits: Coding Scratch 4 Arduino


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Have you always wondered how computers and electronics know when to respond and how?

We're all surrounded by Electronics, Electricity and Computers, yet many do not understand how they work and get things done :) With many children born as 'digital natives', several researchers believe that they need to pick up logic, computational thinking and computer code as a language.

After getting your kids exposed to the world of Electronics from the Ground Up, how about start Coding from SCRATCH!

Guided by M. Ibnur Rashad, an engineer scientist who has built antennas and sensors from scratch, and Gabriel Perumal, an experienced electronics tinkerer who has designed and conducted courses for children, you will discover the wonders of electronics and coding Scratch while learning them in a fun way!

SCRATCH, a software developed by MIT, is used to develop games through logical skills. Through the ease of the SCRATCH software interface, you can now control the Arduino Microcontroller to blink lights and use sensors to control the SCRATCH virtual character.

Course Objectives:

  1. Use Scratch to develop logical and critical reasoning skills to build games
  2. Learn how Scratch can be used to interface with Arduino and Electronics
  3. Learn to use sensors to control the 'behaviour' of the character
  4. Build a 'motion detection' System

Designed with hands-on experiences, your child gets to apply what they learn immediately to the Arduino prototyping kit provided for the course with various components like:

1. Arduino electronics kit

2. LED lights

3. buzzer

4. battery

5. resistor

6. even IC chip

and many more...

To help you carry on guiding your child at home, you may purchase the Arduino and Electronics Made Easy kits (not included in course fee) to prepare your child better for their Science classes or even a career in Science!

[Note: Please bring along a laptop. If you don't have any, please inform us via ibnur@groundupinitaitive.org or 81451343.]

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Sun Mar 27, 2016
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM SGT
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Venue Address
The Float @ Marina Bay Singapore
10 min walk from Promenade/Bayfront MRT
Ground-Up Initiative (GUI)